Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a very unique time in a woman’s life. The body completely transforms and the hormones shift significantly causing changes in mood and sleep patterns and often causing pain and swelling throughout the body. By practicing prenatal yoga throughout pregnancy a woman can significantly decrease the following:

  • Pregnancy pain
  • Discomfort such as constipation, bloating, backaches and swelling
  • Perceived sleep disturbances
  • Perceived stress
  • Rates of preterm labor
  • Intrauterine growth retardation
  • Low birth weight in the baby, and
  • Excessive weight gain in the mother

In addition, prenatal yoga can improve the mother’s comfort levels during labor by teaching her how to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation and using her breath to stay relaxed and controlled in a stressful time.  Prenatal yoga also focuses on strengthening and stretching the muscles used for childbirth essentially training them for the big day!

At Find Your Zen, we offer specialized programs both prenatal and postnatal designed specifically for mommies. Join our MOMASTE programs to participate in yoga classes designed specifically for the stage of life that you are in!

For prenatal MOMASTE classes we focus on reducing stress levels and discomforts, working to strengthen and train the muscles used during pregnancy and developing a support system of women who are in a very similar time in their life! Check out Workshops, Events & Retreats page for the next scheduled 8 week session or contact the studio directly!

For postnatal MOMASTE we focus on decreasing weight to get you back to where your body was pre-baby and also on tightening up the areas that stretched and moved during your pregnancy. You will also meet other moms and babies with similar ages providing you with a support system as you move through the initial stages of the babies life. Plus, you can bring your baby with you to class! This means no need for childcare. All classes are held to small groups so that every participant receives individual attention.

In addition to our MOMASTE programs, we offer one-on-one private sessions to focus specifically on YOUR needs and goals. You have the option to bring the baby with you if you are coming post-natal. These sessions can be scheduled at any time and do not have to fall in line with the MOMASTE scheduled programs. A great way to continue your yoga practice after the MOMASTE program ends or to start your practice as you prepare for the next scheduled program! Call our studio for more information or check out the Private Yoga Sessions page for pricing and scheduling information.