… but what about the other toxins Sucralose releases into your body?

That magical sweet substance in the little yellow packet may not be all that its cracked up to be. Recent studies have shown that sucralose does get metabolized and does not pass through the GI tract undigested as originally presented by early research. Therefore, it does have an effect on your body. Not only does it alter your body’s insulin responses and blood sugar levels but it has also been associated with inflammatory bowel disease, reducing good bacteria in your gut which can lead to weight gain, reducing effectiveness of medications, and releasing toxins into baked products. Yuck! 

Sucralose is created by chlorinating ordinary white sugar and by completing this process the advocates of sucralose state that this prevents the body from being able to metabolize the substance, which creates the zero calorie effect. Well we may not be getting calories from it, however, we are filling our bodies with toxins that we cannot easily remove from our systems. Chlorinated substances have a tendency to stay in the body and accumulate over time. Research has shown that consumption of sucralose can cause enlarged liver and kidneys, atrophy of the lymph follicles, and reduced growth rate. In addition, studies have shown an increase in glycosylated hemoglobin which means that the part of the red blood cell which carries the oxygen is damaged.

At least until more research is done I would recommend staying away from sucralose and be careful because it is EVERYWHERE these days. Check your protein powder, check your coffee creamer, anything that is low calorie and also tastes sweet and/or good may have sucralose. Check it out and get rid of any of those products that contain it. As a better substitute for sugar use stevia! It is all natural and it is a calorie free sweetener.