Drop the Ibuprofen and grab some Watermelon Juice!

Recent studies have shown that the amino acid L-citrulline which is found prominently in watermelon helps to reduce post-exercise muscle soreness. A report by ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry shared a study of seven athletes were given either natural watermelon juice, watermelon juice enriched in L-citrulline or a control drink containing no L-citrulline. Both the natural juice and enriched juice relieved the muscle soreness in the study participants. The L-citrulline in the natural watermelon juice seemed to be more bioavailable and therefore more beneficial than the supplemental form.

So, what does this mean for you? Rather than taking that ibuprofen pre or post-workout to rid your body of the post-exercise muscle soreness try drinking watermelon juice an hour prior to exercise. This is a natural solution to preventing soreness. In addition, it will provide lycopene, beta carotene, vitamins A and C and since it is 92 percent water it will help to hydrate you for your workout as well!

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