Meet Happy

Yoga Works 200hr training, SUP Core certified and yoga and spin instructor since 2010. I love working on my greatest asset: My Health. Besides the workouts I do on a routine basis I also make time to rock climb, surf, travel, and relax which is the quintessential essence of Health and one in which I like to instill in the people around me.

What inspired you to teach Yoga?

I was inspired to teach yoga when I experienced the benefits for myself, I had to be a part of sharing this with others.

What is your favorite Asana?

My fav asana would have to be Savasana because its my moment in the day that I have worked so hard to get to and I get to allow myself to let go and be completely still, which as a society we don’t do enough.

“Don’t let anyone leaving your presence without feeling at least 10% happier than they did prior to being with you!”