Meet Devyn

I was first introduced to yoga in college by my public speaking teacher who also happened to be a yoga instructor. The first class I ever took was her Hatha class, and after that class I knew that a yoga practice was something that I wanted to keep on pursuing and embed into my life. I completed a 200-Hour training with Yoga Works, and since then I have been very fortunate to meet and practice with some incredible people in the yoga culture.

Off of the mat I enjoy surfing, student life, spending time with family, being in nature and taking care of the planet.

What inspired you to teach?

My teachers are my inspiration.

What is your favorite Asana?

My favorite pose is either Balasana child’s pose, or Anahatasana melted heart. Balasana, for its calming and introspective nature. And Anahatasana because it is expansive and opening, yet calming.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass