Meet Berkley Wegner

I have my 200hr yoga certification that I received in November 2016. I have been practicing yoga since I was 18 years old. My dad was the one who really got me into my practice. It would become a tradition to take yoga classes together when it came to coming home for the holidays each year. Now, we try to take yoga classes together as much as possible. He has been an inspiration to follow my dreams in my yoga journey. It always has been a passion of mine and now to teach my passion to others is a dream come true.

Some of my interests are running, hiking, surfing, surrounding myself with the people I love. I love being outdoors; whether it’s climbing up a mountain in 90 degree weather or running along the ocean floor listening to the waves crash along the sand. Nature will always play an important role in my life. I also grew up playing tennis. So I am always down to play a good match of tennis 🙂

What is your favorite Asana?

My favorite asana would have to be Sukhasana. In Sukhasana, I feel the most centered. I feel my root shakra ground my sit bones down to the earth. From here, I feel my root shakra aligning the rest of my chakras together. It was one of my most centering positions, making me feel so calm and at ease.

“BY BEING YOURSELF, you put something wonderful into this world that was not there before.”