Meet Our Instructors

Christina Ratusznik

Find Your Zen is Christina’s vision for helping people find healthy lifestyles through a balance of body, mind, and soul. She started getting involved in yoga and strength training to complement her running and improve her race performance. She realized the benefits of a well-rounded fitness plan including cardio, strength, and flexibility and now regularly practices all three. More about Christina >

Happy Corkhill

Yoga Works 200hr training, SUP Core certified and yoga and spin instructor since 2010. I love working on my greatest asset: My Health. Besides the workouts I do on a routine basis I also make time to rock climb, surf, travel, and relax which is the quintessential essence of Health and one in which I like to instill in the people around me. More about Happy >

Stacey Fetterman

Yoga brings me freedom through self-awareness, a safe place for radical self-acceptance, and alignment with my divine purpose of sharing and being JOY. My goal is to hold a safe, lighthearted, playful space for total wellness, personal exploration, healing and alignment of your heartfelt desire. More about Stacey >

Amanda Brewer

Amanda first started practicing yoga to gain flexibility and strength for her dance career. What began as a physical practice, soon transformed into a very meditative and healing practice for her mind and soul that captivated her interest. More about Amanda >

Emily Strombotne

I have my 500-hour Level Teacher Certification and Kids Yoga Teacher Certification from YogaWorks. I have taught for over five years and have assisted Teacher Trainings. Besides teaching yoga I genuinely enjoy creating, planning and hosting yoga events and workshops that have charitable connections. More about Emily >

Devyn Hartnett

I was first introduced to yoga in college by my public speaking teacher who also happened to be a yoga instructor. The first class I ever took was her Hatha class, and after that class I knew that a yoga practice was something that I wanted to keep on pursuing and embed into my life. More about Devyn >

Berkley Wegner

I have my 200hr yoga certification that I received in November 2016. I have been practicing yoga since I was 18 years old. My dad was the one who really got me into my practice. It would become a tradition to take yoga classes together when it came to coming home for the holidays each year. Now, we try to take yoga classes together as much as possible. He has been an inspiration to follow my dreams in my yoga journey. More about Berkley >

Denie Shae Martinez

Kindness, gratitude and grace are the qualities Denie Shae Martinez embodies with her clients and in her daily life. In 2012 she transitioned from creating balanced external spaces with Interior Design to turning the focus inward and harmonizing the whole being- body, mind and spirit with Holistic Health and Wellness. More about Denie Shae >

Allison Wills

Allison was involved in athletics throughout high school and college. Initially intrigued by yoga’s ability to improve her athletic performance, Allison continued to practice and developed a deeper appreciation for the many benefits yoga offered and began teaching in 2009. More about Allison >

Justina Young

Justina was first exposed to yoga in 2014 when her friend was practicing to teach yoga. Already stressed from work and looking to find a new workout, how could she say no? She fell in love, and signed up for a membership almost immediately. Although frugal by nature, she never regretted paying for such a life changing experience. Through yoga, Justina was exposed to more than just a venue to handle stress. More about Justina >

Alan Siegel

Alan has been practicing Hatha Yoga for twenty years and began teaching in Verona, Italy in 2003. He completed 3 teacher trainings in India, Greece and Irvine, California. He leads class the same way he practices: smooth, gentle and relaxed. Emphasis is on deep breath and proper, safe alignment. More about Alan >

Lola Jontiff

Born and raised in Miami, FL. Former resident of New Orleans, LA and SoHo, NYC. Music lover with a passion for playing outside. Alignment-based flows focused on getting rooted. Words she lives by – it’s a mindset. More about Lola >