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There are tremendous benefits to starting a yoga practice or getting right back into it just 6+ weeks post having your baby. Not only does the practice help mom find peace and grounding, relieve symptoms of postpartum depression and get her body back to pre-pregnancy shape but it also helps the baby develop and cope with ailments such as colic and gas. In addition, practicing yoga together helps mom bond with her new baby and develop positive social relations. Here are the top reasons why every new mom should find a Mommy & Me yoga class:

1. To stimulate the babies neuromuscular development and build neuromuscular pathways

2. To boost both mommy and baby’s immunity

3. To ease gas pain and colic and to improve digestion in baby

4. To strengthen the relationship and bond between mommy and baby

5. To improve confidence, body-awareness and positive self-image in both mommy and baby

6. To strengthen areas of mommy’s body that may have become weak or overstretched during pregnancy

7. To reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms of postpartum depression

8. To help baby sleep better and longer

9. To develop a support system of other moms and babies who are at the same stage in life

10. And, to participate in and promote a healthy and physically fit lifestyle.

At Find Your Zen, the Mommy & Me post-natal yoga classes are broken into segments to ensure the greatest amount of benefit for the time spent in the class. Classes begin with breathing techniques to help calm the mind, reduce stress and become centered. Following the breath work, moms will take the babies through a series of movements that will help with fitness, neuromuscular development or teach them how to apply certain movements to the babies bodies to reduce gas, colic or other types of issues that the babies may face. After the baby yoga, the focus is turned to mom and moving through a series of yoga poses and exercises that strengthen and stretch moms body. The movements and exercises are focused on toning and strengthening areas of the body that may have stretched or become weak due to pregnancy. During this phase, mom is encouraged to interact with the baby by holding him or her during squats, using the weight of the baby for chest presses or simply doing push-ups with the baby between her arms on the mat and every time she lowers down kissing the baby on the tummy or forehead. These movements allow mom to get her workout in while also connecting with her baby. Lastly, mom and baby move into relaxation to do nothing but rest and breathe for a few minutes. Encouraged to let go of any stressors and just connect and be calm, something which is difficult to do in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Best of all there is no need for childcare and the time spent does not have to leave mom feeling selfish or stressed about finding a babysitter.

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