Corporate Wellness Programs

At Find Your Zen we encourage a work-life balance. If employees feel as though they are always turned on and tuned in to their career they will eventually become exhausted, stressed, discouraged and less productive. This lost productivity and plethora of health concerns turns into increased costs for the employer. Studies indicate that by encouraging employees to participate in a corporate wellness program, health care costs, absenteeism, and low morale significantly decrease in the workplace. In addition, participating companies see anywhere from $2.00 to almost $6.00 ROI for every dollar spent on corporate wellness programs. Let’s get your program started today!

Find Your Zen offers multiple programs to choose from and we focus on tailoring the program specific to your company culture and needs. Below is a overview of our offerings.

Option A:

Leadership training to encourage participation, designation of wellness champions at all business sites, weekly on-site yoga class, one nutrition consultation per employee, weekly motivating health communications (sent via email to all employees), and development of incentive and rewards programs for participation in wellness activities.

Option B:

Develop your own a la carte package by choosing from the options below. Cost will be determined based on options that are included in your individualized package. Offerings include:

  • On-site Yoga Classes
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • Weekly Motivating Health Communications
  • Lunch N Learn Health & Wellness Presentations
  • Development of Incentive & Rewards Programs for participation in wellness activities
  • On-Site Personal Training Services
  • Stress Reduction Techniques and Workshops