It’s not just WHAT you eat, but WHEN you eat!

It's been a little while since I've taken the time to write a post but I'm back at it and stronger than ever! If you were one of the amazing yogis that attended my Flow Class at Lululemon this past Sunday then you heard my short discussion on the importance of timing your food input. We [...]

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Extremely Easy Pumpkin Bread/Muffin Recipe from Find Your Zen

Looking for a healthy snack that tastes good? No added sugar (just a tiny bit of maple syrup) and none of the main allergens (i.e. dairy, eggs, nuts, etc.). Sound like they wouldn't be all that great but they are absolutely amazing. I make them more often in cupcake size rather than bread so I [...]

10 Foods to Eat to Reduce Stress Levels

Most people in today's world are stressed to the max! Whether it is due to always being on the go running from work to school to workouts to kids events or whether it is due to deadlines at work or maybe relationship tensions we all seem to have stress in our lives in one way, [...]

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FODMAPs – Fermentable Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides and Polyols

Do you often suffer from bloating, gas or uncomfortable feeling in the stomach after eating? Many people think that this is due to cruciferous vegetables, beans or some other type of food that they eat and they cannot pin it down. It’s possible it is not due to a single food but instead due to [...]

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Lack of Metabolism or Lack of Movement?

Often times we blame our inability to lose weight on a "slowing metabolism" or poor genetics that cause a "slow metabolism" which often times is not the cause at all! Yes, there are issues out there that reduce an individual's metabolic rate. However, this is not as often the cause as people like to state. Calories are [...]

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Benefits of Peppermint – Oil, leaves, teas…you choose!

Going along with the GREEN theme of MARCH I’ve decided to share all of the incredible benefits of peppermint and how easy it is to get your hands on this stuff! Peppermint has a tremendous number of benefits from digestive properties to cooling the body and the skin. Here’s a list of just a few of [...]

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Spice it Up!

Add some spice to your life! In addition to the healthy foods that you are committing to for the new year add some spice to your diet. Spices have little to no calories and have incredible benefits for your body. Some of my favorites that are easy to cook with and easy to find are [...]

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Tired of making the same resolutions EVERY year? Try these steps to stick to them in 2015

One week into 2015, the resolutions and goals are rolling into our minds and planning has started. The beginning of January brings with it a time of reflection on the past year and planning into the next year. How am I going to make 2015 the best year yet? Often times we find ourselves stating [...]

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Find Your Zen during the hustle and bustle of the holidays

The holiday season brings feelings of joy, happiness, and love. Children's eyes are filled with excitement as they wait for Santa to come. We spend time with family going to parties, decorating the house, and enjoying the warm holiday mood that fills the air. However, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can also [...]

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Sucralose May be Calorie Free…

... but what about the other toxins Sucralose releases into your body? That magical sweet substance in the little yellow packet may not be all that its cracked up to be. Recent studies have shown that sucralose does get metabolized and does not pass through the GI tract undigested as originally presented by early research. Therefore, [...]

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