Most people do not consume enough water on a daily basis.

Are you one of them? How do you know how much you need? What happens if you do not drink enough?

The human body is composed of 60-80% water! Some important statistics about water in our bodies:

  • Muscles are 70+ percent water
  • Bones are 25% water
  • Fat is 20% water
  • The Brain is 95% water
  • Blood is 82% water
  • The Lungs are 90% water

As little as a 2% drop in our body’s water level triggers signs of dehydration which can include fatigue, fuzzy short-term memory, difficulty focusing on small print, and reduction in physical performance. A 4-5% reduction can result in a 20-30% decrease in work and exercise performance. If you lose as much as 10% of your body’s water you can be at risk for significant health problems. Some of these issues include migraines, angina, rheumatoid arthritis, heartburn, back pain, and colitis, just to name a few!

So how do you ensure that you do not become dehydrated?

How much water do you actually need to stay hydrated? As a general rule, you should consume between ½ to 1 oz. of water per day per pound of body weight. The amount you drink is dependent on general activity level as well as your environmental surroundings. If you live in a desert climate you will want to drink more than if you are in a cooler more humid region. Also, this recommendation does not account for water lost during exercise. You should add another 6-12 oz per 15-20 minutes of exercise depending on how hot it is, the humidity level, and how much you sweat in relation to others.

If you are concerned about your water intake or have any questions about water consumption and/or dehydration feel free to email me! I am happy to answer any questions and maybe you will create a new blog post topic! Drink UP!