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made with 100% raw fruits, veggies and nuts.

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We believe that for the whole person to not only survive but also thrive, there needs to be wellness and harmonious balance in body, mind, and soul. With Find Your Zen all of our programs and offerings — Nourish, Yoga & Personal Training, and Nutrition Coaching — are designed to help you achieve long-term results and whole health.



Are you interested in meeting your nutritional needs while also maintaining the fast-paced life that you love? Find Your Zen now offers Nourish made from 100% raw fruits, veggies, and nuts. Our juices and milks come in a variety of flavors, offer a range of health benefits, and are sugar & additive free. Learn More >

Yoga + Personal Training

Do you need guidance in your quest for health? At Find Your Zen we offer both Personal Training sessions and Yoga; a beneficial blending of the East with the West. This fusion helps the trainee develop a deeper physical awareness, breath control, and mind-body connection. When you work with Christina you will experience creative exercise and yoga practice design. Learn More >

Nutrition Coaching

How would your life be different if you really understood the nutrition that your body needs? Find Your Zen offers a number of Nutrition Coaching options to ensure there is one that is just right for you. Whether you are vegetarian, diabetic, overweight, looking to gain muscle, needing increased energy, or just want to eat healthy we can help you get there! Learn More >

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Find Your Zen during the hustle and bustle of the holidays

The holiday season brings feelings of joy, happiness, and love. Children’s eyes are filled with excitement as they wait for Santa to come. We spend time with family going to parties, decorating the house, and enjoying the warm holiday mood that fills the air. However, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can also bring stress, exhaustion, lethargy, and weight-gain. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the holiday trap! Instead, practice these pointers…

1. […]

When should I drink my green juice?

More and more people are realizing the benefits of getting in a glass of green juice at some point throughout the day. The benefits are incredible! Multiple pounds of fruits and veggies are required to get one 16 oz glass of green juice so the amount of vitamins and minerals in that one little glass is through the roof! Green juices increase energy, make your skin glow, help with digestion, and so much more. […]

Meet Christina

Find Your Zen and Nourish are Christina’s vision for helping people find healthy lifestyles through a balance of body, mind, and soul. After 7 years in the corporate world, Christina has chosen to pursue her passion of working in the fitness and nutrition industry to help individuals improve their lives by living healthy lifestyles and finding fun & results through working out and eating healthy. She has been involved in sports and fitness from a very young age — she grew up playing soccer, basketball, volleyball and running track. In college she began running distance and since has completed 6 marathons, including the Boston Marathon on two occasions with a PR of 3:27. Christina started getting involved in yoga and strength training to complement her running and improve her race performance. She realized the benefits of a well-rounded fitness plan including cardio, strength, and flexibility and now regularly practices all three.

Christina has a number of credentials related to Yoga and Personal Training, including:

  • 200 Hour Yoga Certification with Inner Vision Yoga
  • 100 Hour Yoga and Spin Certification with YAS Fitness
  • NCSF Personal Training Certification
  • AFAA Group Fitness Certification
  • Schwinn Cycling Certification
  • NAFC Nutrition Coach Certification


Working with Christina has been awesome! Her yoga classes are wonderful. They are very challenging physically, but easy to follow as well. I have absolutely learned to love yoga under her guidance and care. I’m also working with Christina for personal training. She helps me understand what exercises are best for my body, and teaches me how to do them properly. Her routines are challenging – just the way I like them! I very highly recommend her.”  Betty B.

The Nourish juices are fabulous. They are healthy and nutritious, a good way to get your vitamins. My favorite is the kale, spinach, apple, celery, cucumber and lemon. I drink it during my hourly commute to work in the morning and it gives me an all day energy boost.” Cathy N.